06 Sep 2016

We are now coordinating youth work from here

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The YoPs of Lira sub-county together with their elected youth leaders voiced the issue of office space in a number of dialogues with the leaders since 2015. They challenged their leaders on how without an office space youth affairs would be effectively coordinated at the sub county. During the LLG meeting to address that, they flashed back on the different challenges that youth were facing due to lack of an office space. They cited the high population of young people who even fear to directly engage with leaders yet their issues could be channeled through the sub county youth leadership structures. They also argued that no records of beneficiary youth were being kept by the youth leaders implying that every time information was needed on youth, they had to look around as if they are not leaders. Besides, different youth programs are being funded and this office would hep to guide and support youth who frequently flock the support county for information. The LLG of Lira sub-county took