Core Program Strategic Areas (CosPAs)

Currently, we run Youth Development and Leadership (YoDEL) programs and Inclusive Community Empowerment Programs (INCEP) to transform lives and communities. In doing so, GLOFORD is driven by two aspiration and focuses on 4 CoSPAs.

The 2 aspirations are;-

  1. Leadership Development Aspiration: To raise the next generation of purpose driven, productive and democratic leaders for Africa with global perspective.
  2. Community Empowerment aspiration: Healthy, empowered, Peaceful and prosperous society leading their own development sustainably.

The four CoSPAS are:-

  1. Youth Development and Leadership (YoDEL) program
  2. Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance (HUDEG)
  3. Inclusive Community Empowerment Program (INCEP)
  4. Policy Analysis, Advocacy and Research (PAAR)