About Us

Global Forum For Development-GLOFORD Uganda is a not for profit faith based Youth serving and youth focused grass-rooted, human rights, transformative leadership, community empowerment organization driving sustainable development in Northern Uganda through holistic development models driven by partnership, collaborations and knowledge transfer and sharing at local, sub national, regional, continental and global levels.

This value based, no excuse leadership and development organization is transforming the knowledge and development discourse in the region by mobilizing, educating and refocusing young elites and their community members to revolutionize community development from the lens of people driven  transformative leadership.

GLOFORD Uganda was first conceived in 2008 by Mr. Morris Chris Ongom who later shared the burden of contributing to post war development of Northern Uganda through youth and community organizing with his young wife Susan Ongom after their marriage in 2009. They later agreed to talk to like-minded young people who later joined the organization which was legally registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) on 7th April 2010 with Lira District Local Government and later GLOFORD was registered as a national NGO with Uganda National NGO Bureau on 27th March 2015. The following are the founding members who constituted the first Board of Directors (BoDs) of GLOFORD Uganda:

  1. Wilfred Okello as Chairman Board of Directors
  2. Claudia Apio as Vice Chairman Board of Directors
  3. Morris Chris Ongom, Founding CEO and Executive Secretary of the Board of Directors
  4. George Obia, Member Board of Directors and Executive Treasurer
  5. Bernard Acuma, member BoDs
  6. Denis Emor, Member BoDs
  7. Juliet arica, Member BoDs
  8. Sandra Auma, Member BoDs
  9. Susan Ayer, Co-Founder and member BoDs

GLOFORD prides in rapid community organizing models like the Youth Parliament through which the organization has contributed towards mentoring, positioning youth as community organizers and as transformed agents of change in their target communities. GLOFORD continues to promote exemplary leadership development acting as Green Houses and a Laboratory in the arena of human rights, leadership development, democratization and good governance, advocating for and fostering innovative, impactful and progressive policies that spur and promote youth and young people’s participation not only in Uganda but Africa with global perspective, learning and contribution.

GLOFORD’s works with young people and communities to co-create solutions to their problems through which they shape the destiny of their society by investing in young talents and passions in the young people through rigorous training, mentorships, entrepreneurial activities, transformative advocacy and direct involvement in creating solutions to the problems that face them without being confrontational, blaming and folding of arms. We work alongside communities and established leadership structures and institutions while ensuring that all key actors/stakeholders play their respective roles in a collaborative manner.

What problems are we contributing solutions to?

  • The transformative leadership crisis in Uganda and Africa
  • The contextually and circumstantially applied knowledge crisis in Africa
  • Youth poverty characterized by unemployment and un-employability
  • Youth criminology –study of crime and deviant behaviour (urban and rural)
  • Youth health especially young people’s SRHR services dilemma/Crisis
  • Generational value transfer crisis

Our Vision

GLOFORD envisions “A community where all young people have the opportunities to realize their full potential”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for young people in Africa by developing their talents and passions to engage in entrepreneurial activities while involving them in defining and leading their own development through transformative advocacy, context based knowledge and skills transfer, partnership and collaboration with communities, governments and other stakeholders

Our Mandate

GLOFORD is a youth led and focused NGO registered with Government of Uganda and mandated to raise the next generation of leaders with global perspective, empowering youth and communities to fight poverty, ignorance and disease sustainable, carrying out advocacy using non-confrontational means, while building durable peace, promoting human rights, democracy, good governance , rule of law activities and programs

Our Core Values

  1. Examplary Leadership: We lead by example and hold our leaders to put their efforts where their mouths are
  2. Excellence: We are committed to offering high value state-of-the-art services that respond to the needs and aspirations of our people
  3. Accountability & Integrity: We are fully accountable for everything we say and do and seek to hold others accountable as well
  4. Innovation & Creativity: We seek to be innovative and creative as a way of being dynamic, resourceful and effective in an environment of stiff competition for scarce resources
  5. Trust & Honesty: We are driven by being honest and trustworthy so that others can in return trust us on our word and actions
  6. People centered: Ours is a “People-First” development philosophy, everything we do, we put people first and at the center.

Our Objectives

  • Raise, mentor and build youths and children into leaders with global perspective
  • Be a policy research and development think tank organization working with different partners and stakeholders to shape local, Regional and global actions for change.
  • To support communities to identify problems in their communities, formulate and implement activities to solve those problems and better manage their development results in a sustainable manner.
  • To enable communities to mobilize and develop human resources and financial capital from local and external sources to support local development initiatives.
  • To raise awareness about existing social challenges affecting women, youth, children, persons with disability and other vulnerable groups.
  • To enhance the capacity of a wide range of organizations and groups at the community and district levels for promotion of sustainable community development programs.
  • To support communities to fight for poverty reduction and improve the quality of living at Household level in a sustainable manner by implementing integrated environmental conservation and community development programs.