Opportunity to participate in the first International Youth Forum convened for Africa by BMZ in Berlin by November 2022


GLOFORD Uganda’s partnership with GIZ CSUP through Youth Leadership and Empowerment to Advance Democracy (YLEAD) and Strengthening Youth Participation in Sub national planning and budgeting processes funded by BMZ and European Union has hit global space. In the last quarter of 2021, GLOFORD Uganda and GIZ CUSP initiated conversations about the work of youth parliament in Lira and Oyam districts which has continued to position young people to lead their change in non-confrontational ways. Series of meetings and exchanges were conducted between GLOFORD, GIZ and GIZ headquarters in Berlin, Germany. In one of the meetings, our youth were selected to engage with the youth council in Germany and as a result, the opportunity to send one youth representative has been extended to GIZ CUSP programs to which GLOFORD is a strategic partner.

It’s against this background that GLOFORD is extending equal opportunity to the young people who have been at the center of weaving this change through GLOFORD. As such GLOFORD will consider applications from the following categories of youth who shall be interviewed by 26th July 2022 and one competitive candidate recommended to GIZ for onward engagement:

  1. You must be 18-24 years by November 2022
  2. An alumnus or current member of GLOFORD’s youth parliament. If not a member of youth parliament, you must have been working closely with GLOFORD on youth political participation, climate change, peace development as mentioned by BMZ in their call for participation Must be knowledgeable about youth political participation in Uganda and somehow the African continent
  3. Ability to articulate issues broadly, deeply and strategically
  4. A critical thinker, a public speaker and an ardent youth though leader

NB: This is a competitive space. If you qualify, please, put an impressive application and prepare a presentation on the topic chosen ahead of the interview on Tuesday 26th July 2022. Invitation to the first BMZ International Youth Forum

Are you a young person committed to a cause, striving for change in your community, your country or even the globe? Are you ready to share with us how you are for example holding your governments accountable, fighting climate change or building peaceful societies? Then join us at this year’s International Youth Forum and tell your story!

What is the idea of the International Youth Forum?

Young people are the largest part of the population in many countries of the Global South and they have a right to participate in matters affecting them. If young people are to benefit from development cooperation, they must be given a say on where development policy should be heading. The International Youth Forum aims to provide this space: It brings together young people from the Global South and Germany as well as decision-makers to discuss issues within the scope of development cooperation that are important to today’s youth. Taking place for the first time in 2022, the Youth Forum is organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and its Youth Advisory Council.

What will be the topic of the International Youth Forum this year?

The Forum will highlight the importance of implementing the right of young people to participation and its added value, potential and challenges in different thematic areas.

What will happen during the Forum?

During the forum there will be presentations, panel discussions, workshops and other fun activities. Throughout the three core days, you will discuss the potentials and challenges to youth participation with other international young people as well as the Youth Advisory Council of the ministry. You will also engage with decision-makers.

When and where does it take place?

The International Youth Forum will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 21st to 26th of November 2022. It combines a three-day core programme with a three-day cultural and thematic framework programme.

Who can participate? In addition to GLOFORD’s eligibility criteria;

We are looking for young people from the Global South, aged 18-24, who are striving for change in their community, country or globally and have a particularly interesting experience to share – such as young community leaders, climate activists, conflict mediators, and many more!

Participants need to be vaccinated in order to be able to enter the EU.

What will be expected from me?

Participants will be expected to present their work and experience in a presentation as well as to discuss the potentials and challenges of youth participation with decision-makers from the ministry and parliament (tbc).

Will my costs be covered?

We will cover your accommodation, travel and meal costs as well as programme-related costs such as entrance fees.

How to apply:

Send an Expression of Interest email to as well as a whatsapp message to +256755000283 and you will receive the application forms/instructions on how to apply

Deadline: 26th July 2022 at 11:59AM