06 May 2021

Global Forum for Development (GLOFORD) Uganda is implementing Improving Water Supply Sustainability (IWAS) II is a three-year project (2019 to 2021) funded by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in partnership with SNV Netherlands development organization (SNV) through local partnership with GLOFORD  in Lira district. For Lira Sub county, the project targets and works with 50 water sources.This project is strengthening the Operation and Maintenance of the Rural Water facilities at the sub county and at community levels with a goal of increasing the districts water functionality rate. The Ministry of Water and environment (MWE) 2020 reports that Lira districts water access was  92%, with functionality at 87% by third  quarter of 2020. The project partnership is therefore working to increase the functionality of rural infrastructures so as to guarantee increased access to safe water by increasing water source functionality in the district.

Within the third quarter of 2020, GLOFORD together with volunteers, SNV and local partners monitoired 50 water points and established their functionality. By this reporting time, up to 340 WUCs were functional with O&M plans in place and up to date records (record of users, minutes of meetings, user fee collection, etc.), 50 water sources fenced with well-maintained drainage channels, soak pits, etc. ensure Water sources register with the SWSSBs , regular monthly remittances to the SWSSBs by the time of reporting.

The following were the achievements in Lira sub county. With the supportive leadership of the Sub County Chief who works closely with the CDO and Parish wash coordinators of Lira sub county, the waterboard has been able to achieve the following in the year 2020:

  • Conducted Preventive maintenance on monthly and quarterly basis for the targeted project water sources and this improved the sub county water functionality.
  • Worked with and facilitated  4 parish wash coordinators in the parishes of Amuca,Anai,Barapwo and Omito who mentor and monitor the functionality of the water sources on an ongoing basis and report to the water boards.
  • Monthly Remittances were made to the water board at the sub county
  • At least 30 water sources registered with the board.
  • Fencing was conducted for all water points by 2020.
  • Household registration was done for all 50 water source users
  • Jerrycan cleaning and hygiene sessions was conduced at the 50 water sources.
  • Coaching and training of caretakers at the water sources was conducted at the 50 water sources by the parish wash coordinators/ VHTs.

GAPs to be addressed in Lira sub county.

  1. Delays in implementing preventive maintenance under the board by the Hand Pump Mechanic.
  2. Need to train more hand pump mechanics.