06 Nov 2016

Leading change, working with and for youth together

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“I take responsibility to support and work with my fellow youth and work for them as a citizen of this country”, remarked by David Oula. David Oula is the Deputy Speaker of Ojwina division youth Parliament. He came on board about six months ago (May 2016) during the restructuring of the parliament. His passion for youth work and leadership was vivid. He first shared his disappointments about a number of leaders, NGOs and government programs. According to Oula, his hope for an organized community was not possible given the current context of youth life styles and values. He cited the non-voluntary nature of youth where in all cases whenever, you cause a meeting, they are always demanding for allowances and other quick gains. GLOFORD took him through the youth parliament model and the intentions thereof. He participated in a number of activities jointly planned with their parliament and Oula caught the fire. He introduced to GLOFORD the youth association he chairs; Lango University and Tertiary Institutions Guild Association (LUTIGSA). As a former guild President of All Saints University, the leaders had entrusted him to continue leading the association and build networks with other organizations. Now he was excited that GLOFORD was committed to work with the youth both in and out of school. David continued with his passion and started planning with GLOFORD to entrench in LUTIGSA the ongoing parliamentary work he is doing in Ojwina division and Lira Municipality. He started challenging them to lead better and participate in community engagements even though they are at school. He challenged them that they are in communities and they can plan and work and change the communities that surround them.


David in tie; interacts with CEO GLOFORD (2nd right) and other student leaders immediately after the conference

He got inspired with GLOFORD’s youth leadership work and started organizing for student leaders training conference through his association. He ensured that all institutions were mobilized and contributed to participate as he got guidance from GLOFORD in this process. GLOFORD facilitated LUTIGSA to mobilize the institutions but the meals and transport were facilitated by the institutions.

Owing to Oula’s leadership, the leadership training was a success. He mobilized the facilitators and convinced them to facilitate these training free of charge.

More than 200 youth participated in the conference that for the first time attracted Guild Presidents and other student leaders from institutions, UNSA Coordinator, Youth Councilors from Lira district and Lira Municipality. As a result, a whatsapp group has been formed to further coordinate the youth leaders and the CEO GLOFORD, Howard Onyok (Plan Uganda), Amek Mary Grace are among the youth mentors in that platform.