27 Jul 2018

Interacting with Girl child in Aber: Grace, the project officer -GCV takes a sip of water in Aber, Oyam.

By Abet Tonny

GLOFORD UGANDA is excited to launch the GCV Project with funding from OXFAM NOVIB through the Voice project component. Targeting the two sub-counties of Aber and Loro in Oyam district. The goal of the project is to contribute to fulfilment of the rights of the girl child within protective family and institutional (school) care and support system in which girl children are free from deprivation, exploitation and danger in Loro and Aber sub counties of OYAM DISTRICT by 2019.

Now, this particular project will directly amplify voices of and for the girl child on issues of early marriage, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and abuse of girl child education rights. The project will empower and position the school going girls from 10 primary and 2 secondary schools who will be organized into School Health Clubs (SHCs) and or Debating Clubs (DCs). The project will identify and mentor Leader Girls (LEGs) selected from the SHCs/DCs. They will be empowered to directly speak, mobilize, lead, gather evidence for advocacy, engage and champion tri-issues of MHM, early girl child marriage and girl child education which are interlinked and contributory to the well-being of the girl child. The girls will take lead alongside boys to drive the campaign dubbed “Girls at crossroads”.  GLOFORD will play facilitative and mentorship roles in equipping, supporting, linking, networking and guiding the girls throughout the life of project.

School based campaigns will run in 12 schools (10 primary schools with 5 selected from each sub county, 2 secondary schools; 1 from each sub county) and its catchment community where adolescent girls and boys, parents and leaders will get more awareness on MHM and directly engage in advocating against early girl child marriage which negatively impacts on girl child education and potential. Through this project, School Health Clubs (SHCs) and Debating Clubs (DCs) will be reactivated/strengthened and empowered to lead the campaign and further school based activities which amplify the voices of children on issues that affect them and therefore impact

Officials of Oyam district Local government and GLOFORD in the official launch of GCV project on 25/07/2018

s on their education negatively.

The project will focus on awareness raising and campaigns through information sharing and rights education, advocacy through debates, playwrights, poems, Music Dance and Drama, capacity building, coalition building and case management. The project will position the Leader Girls (LEGs) to challenge and hold parents, community and stakeholders accountable as well as lobbying Oyam district local government for tougher legal actions against the practice of early marriages of the girl child, unwillingness to provide girls with sanitary towels during their monthly menses and the culture of not educating the girl child as widely practiced in Oyam district and Lango sub region.

The GCV project will enhance the capacity of the girls to express their views on issues that affect them and constructively engage the duty bearers at targeted sub counties, schools and leaders of Oyam district local government with the objective of influencing them to take much needed action against child marriages, denial of education and poor WASH facilities for boys and girls in targeted schools as well as strengthen planning, implementation and coordination of targeted interventions. This will encompass girl child’s freedom to express her opinions on matters affecting their own lives and those of other girls in and out of school while urging and partnering with leaders in LG and CSOs to take action. As their capacities develop, the girls in their SHCs will lead school and community based activities empowering them and influencing change which no doubt will transform them into Next Generation Leaders (NEGELs) of their generation like their counter parts, the boys and girls from families where such opportunities are accessible.

GLOFORD is currently working in four districts of Lango; Lira, Dokolo, Alebtong and now Oyam. We have already enjoyed great support from leadership and community as we deliver community enriching programs. We are optimistic that having come to Oyam, our partnership with grow stronger and we shall be in Oyam for years to come.