13 Dec 2016

Expanding service delivery through Youth Parliament

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The youth of Barr sub-county are now happy that the services have been extended closer to them. Since their engagements with the HC leadership, the YoPs together with the elected youth leaders are now working with the HC to decentralize YFS and development information passage to the parish level. In this quarter, outreaches have been influenced by these youth and services were brought closure to the beneficiaries. They also used the same platform to enlighten the youth on participation in GoU and development actors funded programs. The out reaches are planned in such a way that immediately after the dialogues, health service delivery session/activities are conducted by HC and VHTs with primary target being the youth as well as the general community.

They also use this opportunity to provide information on what they are doing for the youth and provide information on various opportunities at the sub county. The youth in Barr and Lira sub counties are now accessing YFS at the HC and community during out reaches. These include awareness creation on reproductive health rights, Family Planning, Hepatitis B information and testing, Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDs, rapid malaria tests. The health workers are now appreciative of the work the YoPs are doing and hope the young people can continue with this attitude and spirit of voluntarism. They confess their work has become much easier because the health information and health service seeking habits of the youth are changing. The youth now come in large numbers and they handle them at once on agreed days and time at the HC compared to those days when health workers would go for out reaches and still youth would not come. In Lira sub county, 120 (F=83, M=37, PWDs=2)have accessed services since mid-May 2016 moreover in only one out reach conducted at Omodo trading center, Anai Parish in Lira sub county.

Finally the sub county leadership has allocated a space which the YoPs and the elected youth leaders have agreed to use for coordination. “It has now become so easy for youth to visit our office any time they want to inquire anything that concerns them”, Speaker Youth Parliament.