28 Sep 2018


By Scovia Akullu

Project title

Community Responsibility to Enhance Transparency and Accountability (CRETA).


CRETA project is being supported by three different donors that is World bank, Bank of Uganda and Inspectorate of Government (IGG).

Areas of operation.

CRETA project is being operated in eight sub counties in eight water shades which includes,  Bar-Rao in Loro, Tochi in Aber, Obari in Kamdini, Myene in Minakulu, Ongica in Iceme, Abura-Bung in Ngai, Ajuru-Juru in Aleka and Agoa in Oyam Town Council in Oyam district.

Project target people

The project targets the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund 3 (NUSAF3) project beneficiaries and non project beneficiaries.

Project duration

 CRETA project was planned for the duration of six month.

Project goals

To improve and up lift the social welfare of every house hold in the NUSAF3 project area.