06 Jun 2016

“At his best, nothing would have be achieved but Youth Parliament made it happen”

At the start of the YoGAL project he came in like any other youth. “I couldn’t even imagine that day being elected as a YoP member of Omito Parish”, said Hon. Jimmy Odngo. I have been a bodaboda cyclist. He rides his relatively old bicycle from which he earns a living but he is such a strong politician and youth worker. He recounts how he hatched a plan that placed him ahead of the rest. In his heart was a call to serve but how would he even make this happen?.

Jimmy recalls working out his plan which saw him through as a YoP member representing Omito parish in the Lira sub county youth parliament. He started participating in all GLOFORD organized capacity building and utilized the opportunity to reach out to the community while doing his ground work. When the Uganda People’s Congress party primaries came, he sailed through against all odds to become the flag bearer for the parish. Omio being a strong hold, Jimmy had a leap forward to success in the March 2016 polls.

Jimmy has ambitions to become a great leader and above continue as a youth advocate now that he is a councilor representing Omito parish at the sub county council. He pledges to work together with GOFORD, YoPs and youth leaders to pursue youth agenda because he now understands what it takes to represent his people. He concludes, “ the youth now have their ally in the council”, I will not forget them because I know their problem.