GLOFORD’s Village/Household Transformation Model (VTM) GLOFORD's Village/Household Transformation Model (VTM) driving empowerment of smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda
Health System Advocacy Partnership project engagements to drive SRH services in Lira The District Health Officer of Lira Dr Buchan P. Ocen presents the health status report to the Lira District Health Coalition meeting on 21st April 2018 at Lira District Council Hall. The stakeholders including elected and appointed leaders have continued to continue advocating for increased financing for SRH services, Health Infrastructure development and Human Resources for health
Health System Advocacy Partnership Project engagements Orientation of district leadership on Community Health Extension Policy, Patients Charter , demographic change and Health Unit Management Community leadership at Lira district
Health System Advocacy Partnership Project engagements GLOFORD conducts a Project stakeholders inception meeting at Lira district Council all. Working together to drive SRH services in Lira district
Youth Parliament Model Currently, GLOFORD is running Youth Parliaments at sub national levels as a platform through which young people engage leaders on issues that affect their development.
Youth Parliament on WhatsApp You can now remotely follow the proceedings in the Lango Youth Parliament on WhatsApp, Join and give your input...
Youth Engaged for Change Lifeskills mentorship sessions conducted for Youth: Youth leaders & Youth CBO leaders
International Youth Day 2016 At Voice of Lango FM for a Post International Youth Day 2016 discussing Youth development in Lango & Uganda
Lango Great Debators’ Championship We introduced the Debators' Championships to boost diologue among the youth about the issues and challenges that they face...