GLOFORD Institute of Innovation ltd

GLOFORD Institute of Innovation ltd

GLOFORD Uganda has created GLOFORD Institute of Innovation (GII) ltd; a social enterprise unit to drive sustainable change by tackling the root causes of poverty using Transformation Models, agribusiness, innovations and technology. GLOFORD is currently partnering with Viable Impact USA to mobilize, organize, capacitate (MOC) at least 2,500 smallholder farmers in Lira, Oyam, Kole and Alebtong districts to participate in Soy beans value chain through production and marketing of organic soy beans as a key strategy in combating chronic poverty among the Lango people.

Since 2019, the program is increasing income security leading to poverty reduction through productivity of organic soybeans and market linkages forĀ  the targeted 2,500 smallholder farmers in Lango sub region, Northern Uganda.

Key results:

  1. Increased income security for 2,500 smallholder farmer households
  2. Increased productivity of organic soy beans per acre for 2,500 smallholder farmers
  3. 2,500 smallholder farmers are linked to ready market for estimated 1,750,000 kg of soy beans
  4. 2,500 smallholder farmers investing an estimated 5,000 acreage of soy beans per season in each calendar year

In a quest to reduce poverty in the Region, GLOFORD will continue to partner with different development actors; Government of Uganda, area Local Governments, Private sector, NGOs among others to tackle poverty using sustainable market led models.